Why An Equine Hospital Is A Rare Treat In Horse Care

Horses, when they are sick or need of medical care, are typically treated by a veterinarian who specializes in large animal medicine. However, horses are very different from cattle, pigs, and zoo animals. That said when you own a horse, and you come across an equine hospital, it is a rare treat indeed. The specialized care provided for horses here is like nothing else. Here is why an equine hospital is definitely a step above an animal hospital:

Equine Vets Are Well-Versed in Horse Anatomy and Physiology

In an equine hospital, all of the veterinarians and staff are well-versed in horse anatomy and physiology. They already know that horses have huge lungs to sustain endurance running and that horses run on their toes like human sprinters. They also know that horses frequently get colic because horses will eat too much and they cannot vomit like humans can. In fact, they know so much about these large animals that even horse experts will not trust their horse pals to any other vet.

Advance Treatments for Horses Are Only Available in an Equine Hospital

Back in the day, if your horse broke a leg, you had to put the poor beast down. That is because the leg bones of horses tend to twist and shatter as they are broken, and they take a very long time to heal. You typically cannot put pins in a horse's leg bone either; the horse does not tolerate it well, and the horse will not remain still for weeks for the pins to help mend the bones.

Thankfully, equine hospitals have new methods of healing broken leg bones in horses. They also have large pools to exercise horses without putting weight on the broken leg. This helps the horse's leg heal faster and prevents muscle atrophy in the rest of the horse's body while the leg heals. Additionally, a lot of advanced treatments for horse illnesses, diseases, and ailments can be found at an equine hospital.

Horses Can Stay in Clean, Indoor Stalls While They Wait for Surgery

In most areas, if your horse needs surgery, you have to make an appointment with a willing vet. You have to take your horse to the vet for an initial exam. Then you take your horse home and come back on the day of the surgery. That's a lot of travel stress on a horse! At an equine hospital, you drop your horse off into a nice, clean waiting stall. The horse stays for a day or two, has the exam and the surgery, and then you return to pick your animal up. Less stress for the horse, more convenience for the humans; it is a win-win.

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